Compensation & Pay Structure

Compensation And Pay Structure


SocialX20 A market advertising platform and software system.
Each affiliate will receive commissions on sales of the Advertising Credits Packages
Except On The Mini Package.
Package costs:
1,500 Ad Credit Package $10 - One Position In The Mini Matrix
2,500 Ad Credit Package $10 - One Position In The Bronze Matrix
5,000 Ad Credit Package $25 - One Position In The Silver Matrix
15,000 Ad Credits Package $75 - One Position In The Platinum Matrix
Not Interested In A Matrix Position?
Just Get Advertisaing 350,000 Ad Credits $15


Once you purchase the
Advertising Credits package
You receive one paid entry in the
Mini Bronze or Silver Matrix


Earn instant affiliate commissions on every sale
(Free members earn too)
For each $10 - $25 or $75 Advertising Package purchased by your downline members you earn commissions. These commissions are paid over and over again even on re-entries creating a recurring income. The only ad package we don't pay affiliate commissions on is the Mini matrix, however every referral you sign up is coded to you. So when they cycle from Mini to Bronze matrix or purchase any other ad package/matrix position you earn commissions.


You earn affiliate commissions
in 4 ways and 3 levels deep



Affiliate commissions are paid
on each re-entry purchase as well


Sitewide Commissions are paid out on completion of each Matrix.
(Affiliate Commissions are paid at time of sale)
Every purchase made by you gives you an entry into one Company Forced - SiteWide - Matrix

The Mini Matrix consists of 3 positions to fill
The Bronze Matrix consists of 8 positions to fill
The Silver Matrix consists of 5 positions to fill
The Gold Matrix consists of 8 positions to fill
The Platinum Matrix consists of 8 positions to fill

Positions are filled from sitewide sales. No Recruiting Required To Earn
Even if you never sponsor a single member when your turns comes the system fills your matrix


Once a member has completed a matrix
commissions are as follows.











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By becoming an affiliate
you agree to all statements in our
Compensation And Pay Structure agreement.


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